When's a hit not a hit?

Posted by: Press Democrat correspondent Dewey Forget

When is a hit not a hit? Or when is an error, not an error?
One of the anomalies between scoring softball vs. baseball is what some scorekeepers perceive to be the difference in physical ability. A hit in softball is many times an error in baseball. It’s really a boy vs. girl perception.
I’ve been scoring baseball at many levels for some 40 years, and high school softball for almost 20. It bothers me that we differentiate from boys and girls when it comes to making a decision on a hit or an error. Why should a decision be couched by — “It’s softball and that was a hard play for the girls.” Yet, I’ve heard that one more than a few times.
Even among my colleagues, I get the feeling an allowance is made here or there for the girls. Not a good idea from where I’m setting.
A recent discussion along these lines occurred in the Montgomery softball game Wednesday vs. Las Lomas. The official scorekeeper gave an error to Montgomery shortstop Maely Sedlik – the correct call in my book – but a representative from the SF Chronicle protested vehemently that the Las Lomas girl would have beaten out the grounder, even if it had been fielded cleanly.
Not in my book. I expect the girls to make the plays according to the rules, just as the boys – no difference. I’m sure if you asked Sedlik, she would agree she should have made the play.
There were two other hard-hit balls in that game that were ruled errors. Again, I agreed with the decisions. Both were right at players, and both were tough chances, but still they were errors.
Making allowances for the girls is doing them a disservice. An error is an error. The girls don’t want any distinction.