High school golf today at a higher level

This probably rates as a stupid question, but why are there so many good young golfers now?

I’m sure it has to do with taking up the sport at a young age (I don’t think I played my first round of golf until I was out of high school) and having better athletes playing.

I know the equipment technology in golf is fantastic, but you still have to swing the driver or iron.

Golfing instruction has probably never been better and there are more sources for instruction.

Still, is there another high school sport you can go back 25 years and find such an overall improvement in play. And I can remember when girls weren’t offered golf in high school.

Check out Newman’s golf team which shot a 365 (five players whose scores counted) at Rohnert Park’s Foxtail South this week and Corey Robello shot a 68 and Alex Reno a 71.

Oh to be shooting in the 70s as a teenager.