Carrillo's Tagnolli: 'I take full responsibility'

Posted by: Staff Writer Eric Branch

After his slumping team lost to Piner, 9-1, Tuesday, Maria Carrillo baseball coach Steve Tagnolli had no trouble finding someone to blame.

The Pumas dropped to 7-12 after their 11th loss in their past 13 games. As a result, Tagnolli took dead aim … at himself.

“We haven’t played well, I think we’ve established we’re not a very good baseball team,” Tagnolli said. “And I told the team this: ‘I take full responsibilty.’ We’re just not getting it done. I think we’re underachieving. I haven’t done that good a job this year. I don’t think we’re as prepared as we should be and that’s my responsibility. I’m the one that’s got to get them ready.”