Maria Carrillo track coach resigns

A Maria Carrillo track athlete sent an email to the PD Sports Department about the school’s track coach resigning.

It’s true, but it’s not like the Pumas are without a coach. They started the season with five coaches, two co-head coaches and three assistants.

Gregg Fogg, one of the assistants and the Pumas’ head cross country coach, said like all programs who undergo massive changes of coaches in short periods, there is going to be a feeling out period and probably some differences of opinion in coaching philosophy.

Two years ago well known running coach Danny Aldridge resigned from the Pumas’ position as track coach and last year two of his assistants, Richard Flores and Ksogi Chuenyani took over as co-head coaches. Both Flores and Chuenyani moved to Southern California, and Carrillo didn’t fill the head coach positions until a week before the start of the season.

Cary Hiner, a well-known physical trainer in Santa Rosa, resigned his positon as co-head coach a couple of days ago. Michael Pointer, a teacher at MC, is the other co-head coach.

“I’ve been a pro trainer here for 18 years,” Hiner said. “I’ve never quit anything.”

Hiner said a conflict in coaching styles led him to the decision. “It’s old school versus new school. The kids were used to a softer style. When I come in, it’s to do a job.”

Hiner said he’s worked 1-on-1 with 50 all-Empire athletes and believes in his approach to training.

Fogg, who said he doesn’t have the time to coach track because of work and family, but is assisting because assistants were needed, said it should be left up to the school’s administration to decide on coaches for next year’s track team and said a search is already under way. “It’s a great opportunity for someone committed to it.”