Analy wins its first NorCal game ever

The Analy Tigers are for real as they showed against Burlingame Tuesday night in front of probably the biggest crowd ever squeezed into the Anly Gym.

Analy didn’t shoot well in the first half and Max Fujii had just two points, but Analy had a five-point lead and you had the feeling the Analy shooters would eventually find the mark. They did.

Analy coach Brett Page jused his bench early and often and pushed all the right buttons. He brought in Isias Alcantar early on to play the point and for much of the night he was the best player on the floor.

Kevin Aronis finished with 18 points and four 3-pointers (giving him the season lead and record of 82 to Max Fujii’s 81), but was equally impressive on defense.

Burlingame seldom ran a play that worked. Everything was free lance and they had a lot of turnovers and fouls. Leading scorer Peter Pappageorge had 17 points, but was just 5-of-16 shooting.

Fujii didn’t have a particularly good shooting night, but he came up huge in the fourth quarter with 16 points and was 10-of-12 from the foul line. He finished with 20 points and he is fun to watch. Sometimes he’s nearly out of control and falling to the floor and still whips a pass to an open teammate.

It’s evident that Analy truly is a good T-E-A-M. Maximum effort and finding the hot hand is the mark of this team.

So what about Sacramento, the No. 2 seed, who will be playing at home Thursday against the Tigers. It will be tough, but an Analy win puts them in a Saturday NorCal final at Arco Arena.

It will be back to being an underdog, a label the Tigers wear well.