Rec softball is not done in Santa Rosa

The doom and gloom following last year’s city recreation softball leagues over whether such activities would be held again because of a shortfall in the Santa Rosa City budget may have been a little premature.

I received in the recent mail a softball brochure for the 2009 Santa Rosa City softball season with a couple of modifications. In the men’s slowpitch leagues, games will have just one umpire, instead of two, and there will be a mat behind the plate to easier call balls and strikes.

Also, on lighted fields, there will still be three games a night in a league, with the first game starting at 6:30 p.m. instead of 6 p.m. Games are 1 hour and five minutes long, instead of 1:10 and there are still 12 games and playoffs.

Cost of a men’s slowpitch team is $590.

Obviously, money is being saved by having just one umpire for some leagues. It was hard to justify doing away with a sport that actually brings in a good chunk of money.

At least, Santa Rosa pizza parlors and beer joints can give a sigh of relief.