Coyotes set to make history today

How often can you witness history for $5? A buck if you are a student.
Well, Friday afternoon you can do just that if you show up at 2500 Farmers Lane in Santa Rosa and watch Summerfield Waldorf help the Sonoma Academy Coyotes inaugurate their new on-campus gym.
“For the first time we’ll have our own place to play,” said Sonoma Academy athletic director Chris Ziemer. “The juniors and seniors are really excited.”
Since its beginning SA has played its home games at Sonoma Country Day School and practiced wherever the Coyotes could find a vacant gym.
Girls game at 4 p.m.
Boys game at 5:30.
Coyote logo on the middle of the floor.
Capacity: 750. So, get there early, it’s history in the making.
And, of course lotsa firsts: first field goal, first free throw, first foul, first spectator to spill popcorn on the new floor……