Fort Windsor: What a team

From Press Democrat Staff Writer Eric Branch

For obvious reasons, we generally don’t delve into junior varsity football at the high school sports blog. However, there are exceptions.

And here’s one:

Last summer, seven members of the Fort Bragg junior varsity team attended the the University of Oregon Football Camp. Since they didn’t have enough players to field a team ” teams scrimmage against each other during the weeklong camp ” they forged a team with the Windsor JVs.

Fort Bragg JV coach Roy Mitchell said his players weren’t initially thrilled with the arrangement.

“The Windsor coaches ran the team and our guys were thinking they weren’t going to be able to play,” Mitchell said. “But the Windsor coaches were just fantastic.”

Things worked out so well, in fact, that the players were calling themselves Fort Windsor by the end of the camp.

Fort Windsor must have been one heck of team.

This past season, the Fort Bragg JVs went 10-0.

Windsor? The Jaguars went 9-0-1.