Cameron Erion: An eyewitness analysis

From Press Democrat Staff Writer Eric Branch:

I’m not a college recruiter or a keen evaluator of football talent, so I can’t adequately answer the question that might be on some people’s minds: Is Windsor’s Cameron Erion, the junior tailback who rushed for 450 yards and five touchdowns in a 48-27 win against Petaluma last week, a big-time college prospect?

I’m clueless on that question, but I can say it was fun to watch Erion rush for 170 yards on 16 carries and four touchdowns in the Jaguars’ 42-7 win against Analy tonight.

The 5-foot-11, 170-pound Erion isn’t huge and he doesn’t have blazing speed, which would seem to suggest the likes of USC coach Pete Carroll and Florida’s Urban Meyer won’t be trekking to Windsor next year.

But Erion does have skills – pardon the cliché – you can’t teach.

For starters, he has great vision and instinctively waits for blocks to set up, skills that allowed him to squirt through tiny cracks as Analy typically parked 10 defenders near the line of scrimmage.

He also stops and starts justlikethat. On several runs, he changed directions, coming to seemingly a full stop before slamming down on the accelerator.

Finally, he’s tough. It usually takes a few defenders to bring him down and he laid a crushing block on an unsuspecting Analy player on teammate D.J. King’s 45-yard, first-half interception return.

It will also likely help that Erion doesn’t seem overly impressed with himself. He talked after the game about dedicating his offseason to speed drills and the weight room. When he scores a touchdown, he doesn’t pound his chest, look in the stands or do any other nonsense that screams look-at-me. Instead, he hands the ball to the nearest referee and runs to the sideline.

So what does that mean? Could he play at San Jose State? UC Davis? South Dakota State? Lenoir-Rhyne College?

I really have no idea. I’m just looking forward to Erion’s senior season.