Good night at gate, not on field for Rancho

It was not a good night for Rancho Cotate from the start. Cardinal Newman won the toss and as the Cardinals usually do they opted to kick off, thus kicking with the wind. The first two times Rancho punted into the wind, Newman wound up inside Rancho territory.

Obviously, one of the few bright spots for Rancho was the 59 touchdown pass from Cody Allen to Matt Eglehoff, who took it away from Casey Miller.

Rancho not being able to score from the one yard line on two attempts at the end of the first half was the killer blow.

For the most part, Rancho defense wasn’t all that bad, but offensive mistakes and the 93-yard TD kick return by Joe Ferguson were impossible to overcome. Jonathon Torres had two sacks of Newman QB Randy Wright, and that hadn’t happened before last night. Wright attempted only 10 passes for 103 yards and Newman rushed for about 110 yards.

The biggest difference maker was Newman’s defense, which pretty much handled Rancho’s offensive line.

Kudos too to Cody Allen. He got popped in the head pretty good in the first quarter and had to leave the game because of bleeding, but he came back and did get the triple option moving at times. He also returned kicks and punts and showed his toughness under extreme pressure.

It was a huge success for Rancho at the gate, according to AD Henri Sarlatte. Henri estimated the crowd at about 3,000 and said it was the largest gate ever for a Rancho football game, now playing at its new stadium. The facilities are great and besides three PD reporters and a photographer, Comcast Bay Area televised the game and KTVU Channel 2 made it its Game of the Week.