Content sharing the limelight

This is from Press Democrat sportswriter Eric Branch:

I wrote a story for Thursday’s paper about Cardinal Newman running backs Jeff Badger and Joe Ferguson, good friends and star players who have no problem splitting carries and sharing the glory.

Badger’s dad, Lance, is the junior varsity football coach at Cardinal Newman.

Two years ago, he saw how his son and Ferguson had no problems sharing the limelight.

“On the JVs, they’d rotate in and rotate out and it never mattered who got the ball down to the 5- or 2-yard line,” Badger said. “If it was their turn in the rotation to come out and the other guy got the touchdown, they understood.”

Ferguson’s dad, Joe Ferguson Sr., is similarly proud of the unselfishness his son has displayed.

“It’s refreshing to see,” Ferguson said. “There’s absolutely no animosity as far as who gets what … They really encourage each other to do well. When one guy is out there busting his butt, the other guy is the first one to have the pom-poms on cheering him on.”