Rancho runs an option, but so does Newman

Talking with Rancho Cotate football coach Ed Conroy about his triple option offense he made a good point.

Cardinal Newman also runs a type of triple option offense through QB Randy Wright and its passing game. Wright has many passing options and can check them off at the line of scrimmage as he sees who is single covered or who may likely be open over the middle.

Again, it points out that Newman may be the most balanced team in the Empire, with a great running game and a great passing game.

For Rancho to win they must hang onto the ball for long stretches and score. Montgomery hung around for a half against Newman, but then we saw what happened in the third quarter. Newman got the ball repeatedly and scored repeatedly.

Rancho Cotate’s defensive line is superb, but even if the line can stop the run, Newman’s other option is going to the air.

If the game does come down to a field goal, Rancho has Eduardo Farias, who has kicked 53 and 47 yard field goals this season.