Let there be lights at Carrillo

It was a great Friday night at Carrillo for (Oregon) ducks. Sure the rain was a pain, but it was kind of neat to see kids proud of their school and supporting one of their sports team, Carrillo playing its football game under lights for the first time. Lots of face paint and balloons (some of which kept floating onto the field) and lots of excitement.

One Carrillo parent who is also a teacher said she recognized a lot of Rincon Valley Middle School kids at the game, kids who will go to high school at Carrillo.

The lights were plenty bright enough and Carrillo’s grass field filters water pretty well. It wasn’t really that muddy, although second half conditions were pretty bad with heavy rain.

There was no PA because the stipulation with neighbors was a new PA system must be installed and it won’t be in place until next week. Student bodies for both Santa Rosa and Carrillo were loud. It wasn’t all that quiet.

The game was a good one with lots of running and big defensive stops. Santa Rosa coach Russell Ponce had to be innovative because of so many injuries to quarterbacks and backs. One of the highlights of the night was 295-pound Chris Smith turned from a tackle into a running back, breaking a run for 41 yards. He was stopped 4 yards short of a TD. Smith, an outstanding rugby player, rushed for 77 yards, leading Santa Rosa.

Maria Carrillo was the better team in the second half and took advantage of a couple big turnovers, Matt Hart picking up a fumble and going 22 yards for a score and Zack Sheets returning a last ditch Hail Mary pass 75 yards for a TD on the interception.

Sam Atoe, No. 1 for Carrillo and just a sophomore, is already one of the best backs around and rushed for 130 yards and showed very good speed on a 31-yard TD run. Sheets, another back in Carrillo’s hard-to-follow Delaware Wing-T offense, ran for 100 yards on 18 carries.

Carrillo’s defense did a good job of taking away the run in the second half.

Carrillo looks like a team that’s going to get better, especially with new QB Hunter Odom gaining experience.