PD SoccerBlog Awards

The first PD SoccerBlog awards have been announced.
The votes are in. And for those of you “old-school” enough to recall, the
results were left in a mayonnaise jar on the front porch after being
tallied by Funk & Wagnells accounting firm in downtown Cotati.
The winners were named by a huge panel of voters (1) over a long period of time (10 minutes) with an incredible pool of resources (this blog).
All winners get a huge “Well Done” from our panel of voters:

Biggest surprise team (boys): Ukiah and Elsie Allen. These guys are good no matter if they get into the playoffs or not.

Biggest surprise team (girls): Petaluma. Face it, Ralph Montes did a great job coaching them.

Biggest upset (boys): El Molino over Windsor. For one big afternoon the Lions shocked the world.

Biggest upset (girls): Rancho Cotate over Ursuline. Don’t underestimate how good this Ranch team really was.

Best dressed coach on the sidelines (Mike Nolan Award): John Gilson. Always looks like he just walked out of a Nike showroom.

Most animated coach on the sidelines: Pat McDonald (Montgomery). Everyone else is a distant second.

Best foreign accent by a coach: Andy Hendry (Ukiah). You could listen to Andy talk all day and somehow never feel sad.

Scariest moment on the pitch: Nico Spann (Montgomery) on the night he was knocked unconscious on the field. But Nico’s tough, he didn’t miss a game.

Best coaching shots on goalie in pregame warmups: Gary Soto (The Ranch). His accuracy is incredible.

Team most likely to be NCS tournament surprise (boys): Ukiah. Beware the Wildcats.

Team most likely to be NCS tournament surprise (girls): Ursuline and/or Petaluma. It’s all about timing.

Best unis (boys): The forest green and gold colors work with that Gaucho logo for Casa. There really aren’t any bad unis, although some could use a makeover.

Best unis (girls): Slight nod to Ursuline. The Bears’ Carolina Blue edges out Montgomery’s sleek look.

Best effort by a rookie coach: Santa Rosa’s girls coach Nicole Miller,
voting wasn’t close.

Most boring blog discussion: Officiating in Ukiah. You never have and never will win in this argument so don’t even initiate it, besides for what they (refs) make for the time they put in….zip it and enjoy the game.

Happiest team: Elsie Allen girls, and it was a unanimous vote.

If there were a State Championship for ’07, local team that most likely might have won it: Montgomery girls. You go, girls, I only wish we could watch you play for the state title, winter or no winter, rain or no rain…

Best regular season game of the year (girls): Tossup – Ursuline 0,
Montgomery 0 (Oct. 15); Casa Grande 3, Petaluma 3 (Oct. 23).

Best regular season game of the year (boys): Sonoma Valley 5, Analy 4 (Oct. 17). And the SoccerBlog missed this one. It certainly would have been a great matchup for the NCS title.

Best field: anyone with artificial turf (as much as we hate to admit it)

Best natural grass surface: hard to pick one since they are all bad at
various times, but go with Maria Carrillo.

Worst field: hard to pick one since they are all bad, but go with Rancho
Cotate in the NBL, Sonoma in the SCL.

Best SoccerBlog entry: unknown person who was the 1,000th on the Blog labeled “Girls Schedules/Results.” That person sets an all-expenses paid trip to the State Championship Game! Oops, there isn’t one yet, is there?

Linchpin word for the season: Change (as in, “…change from fall to winter soccer, are you crazy!!??”

Coming later today: Postseason tournament seeds and commentary.