State Champions? We're halfway there.

What is the state of a state championship for boys and girls soccer? Will it ever become a reality?
Here are your updates.
First the good news…
– The California Interscholastic Federation has passed Bylaw 2400 and for the first time this coming spring the sections in the southern part of the state – Central, L.A. City, San Diego and Southern – will play SoCal Regional Championships after their winter soccer seasons and Section championships are completed .
Those champions – three divisions, three champions for boys and girls – will be crowned March 8 at Downey High School.
And there they will remain because there is no “next level.”
– “Right now, we’ve talked about it in our Santa Rosa district meetings for the athletic directors,” said Montgomery High athletic director Dean Haskins.
“It” is the possibility of moving the soccer season from fall to winter because winter is when the SoCal schools all play.
“We’d like to possibly move the season to the winter to be line with the East Bay. We’ve had some teams that could compete on the state level. It won’t happen for another two years at a minimum. But I think the chances are good that the ADs would vote for it, then take it to the principals. And the feeling is they are for it.”
Unconfirmed reports are that the principals voted for the move on Thursday.
Now the bad news…
” “Well, it’s kind of been talked about,” said Emmy Zack, state CIF director of communications. “It’s in the discussion phase at this point.
“There are six sections in the north and all six have to go for it for a sport to be have a state championship. They have to be unanimous. The difficult thing is that in the north soccer is played in all three seasons (fall, winter, spring) and in some sections alone it’s in all three seasons. So getting all the sections to agree to change would be hard.”
Bureaucracy and weather, not necessarily in that order, will keep us from seeing any North Bay League or Sonoma County League team playing for a State Championship, like Cardinal Newman did in football a year ago, any time soon.
Today the CIF sponsors 18 sports and only eight of those have State Champs. The 10 left out in the cold are for a variety of reasons. Even baseball doesn’t crown a state champ.
Baseball is pushed into the corner of the calendar that would move any state championship games too far into the summer. Soccer up north is a victim of the weather and unplayable surfaces.
“I would like to think right now the SCL would be forced to go along with the move if it is ever made,” Haskins said. “I think they’d accept it if it meant they had a chance to play for a state championship.
“The move (a Nov. to late Feb. season) would create conflict for some players who want to play soccer and basketball, but on the other hand it would open up practice space now for all soccer teams that is taken by football teams.”
Today no SCL teams have the luxury of playing on artificial surfaces, but by the time any such proposal of moving the season comes about that might change.
Analy and Windsor are certainly possibilities and for that matter Petaluma and Casa Grande could play at Lucchesi Park in the winter months.
The one other drawback for Class I club players is the matter of tournaments.
“Oh, yes. Without a doubt I’d love to see a state championship,” said Paul Dixon, now in his sixth season at Cardinal Newman. “But I could see a conflict for some Class I players because there are several big tournaments (San Diego, Phoenix, etc.) during the winter when a lot of college coaches show up to look at the players.
“But I’m all for it if could ever be worked out. I think like football, yes, it would very exciting for the kids.”
The issue of Class I club players and winter tournaments is probably an easy fix. A winter high school season would have to have a holiday break and there are tournaments in the Southland and Las Vegas then.
Dixon has had a couple of teams during his tenure with the Cardinals that would have been very competitive at the state level, especially the 2004 team that won the North Coast Section title and finished 24-0.
And certainly there have been Montgomery and Ursuline and Carrillo girls teams we would have liked to have seen compete at the next level and Montgomery and Piner and even last year’s Cinderella Carrillo boys teams that would have made interesting games at the regional and state level.
Bottom line is it’s a long way away but a discussion here, a talk there, a long look at the benefits and who knows…..