Pumas, Vikings remain No. 1

High School Large-school rankings:


1. Maria Carrillo – Survived a huge scare at Montgomery, but it probably won’t be the last scare the Pumas will get this season (see Tuesday’s game vs. Newman).
2. Windsor – How much bigger could the Jags’ shutout win at Sonoma Valley have been?
3. Sonoma Valley – Did the Dragons just have one bad game in them, or was the loss to Windsor a sign of things to come?
4. Santa Rosa – Win at Ukiah on Tuesday might be key to the rest of season for the Panthers.
5. Analy – Not often a team gets three wins in a week, but the Tigers did.
6. Ukiah – Didn’t pass big test on Tuesday when the Wildcats lost to SR.
7. Elsie Allen – Can the Lobos beat Newman twice in one season? We’ll find out this week.
8. Montgomery – Vikings have to find a way to rebound after their near-miss of an upset over the Pumas.
9. Cardinal Newman – Cardinals starting to click. They stopped MC, now they’ll have to find a way to do the same against EA.
10. Healdsburg – One game this week – at Analy – but it could make or break the ‘Hounds season.
11. Casa Grande – Rough week for the Gauchos – Petaluma, SV and El Mo.
12. Petaluma – The Trojans lost the Battle of Petaluma on Monday night.
13. Piner – Prospectors having trouble getting the ball in the back of the net.
14. Rancho Cotate – Cougars still looking for that first NBL victory.
15. El Molino – Lions can only hope to play the role of spoiler now.



1. Montgomery – This team has more talent than some college teams.
2. Maria Carrillo – Sometimes certain teams are just able to get in the heads of the opposition and beat them, will that be the case vs. SR?
3. Santa Rosa – So far you would have a strong case if you called Nicole Miller the coach of the year….so far.
4. Casa Grande – Slim (1-0) but huge win over Petaluma.
5. Petaluma – Sharing first place in league following its first SCL loss of the season.
6. Windsor – El Mo and Analy this week so the Jags should come out unscathed … should.
7. Sonoma Valley – Dragons get to play both Petaluma teams this week…now won’t that be fun.
8. Piner – Still think this team has one substantial upset left in them for this season.
9. Ursuline – It just might be to the Bears’ advantage to play SR after SR plays MC – physically and emotionally.
10. Analy – Tigers are a .500 team in a 7-team league with four stellar squads above them in the race. Good luck.
11. Rancho Cotate – Gets to host the No. 1 team this week. Cougars will be ready, but can they stay close?
12. Ukiah – Home the rest of the way, so those long bus rides now belong to the opposition.
13. Healdsburg – It was a titanic struggle, but the ‘Hounds now have twin SCL wins over ElMo and Analy.
14. El Molino – Lions still haven’t won a league game.
15. Elsie Allen – So far, 7 games, 1 goal, no wins and it doesn’t look like a win is coming anytime soon.