Are you really a fan? Then come and watch the Stars come out Saturday night

OK, OK, holy corner kicks. Enough already.
We have bickered and jousted and complained and whined and made ourselves known …sorta. Let’s just say we got it out of our system with commentary on everything from the 10 top coaches (yes, those were my selections and coming soon to a blog near you will be the 10 top soccer refs!) to merits of pay for club officials.
Now it is time to show me something. Show me that you really are passionate about the game you so claim to love.
Go to Santa Rosa High on Saturday. Don’t be concerned about the outcome, just go and support the best boys and girls high school players in the Empire and the Sonoma County Sol.
For $10 you get a triple-header, you get to show some young players that you really do care about them, you get out of the house, you get to discuss the upcoming and past high school and college seasons, you can catch up on where these kids are playing or going to play and maybe…
Once and for all you can show the “non-soccer-loving” public that there really are fans out there.
It’ll be interesting to see what kind of crowd shows up.
Here are the particulars and the rosters. Several top players were unavailable to participate, but all of The Press Democrat All-Empire players were contacted along with several on the first- and second-team All-League selections from the North Bay League, the Sonoma County League and North Central Leagues.


Date: June 23rd
Place: Santa Rosa High School, Nevers Field
1235 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa


Volunteer coaches: Mary Reynolds, Debra Laprath and Paul Larrea.

2:50 p.m. – girls introductions
3 p.m. – girls game starts – game will be two 40-minute halves



Volunteer coaches: Mike Mastin, Robert Perman and Tom Smith.

4:50 p.m. – boys introductions
5 p.m. – boys game starts – game will be two 40-minute halves


7:30 p.m. ” Sol Men vs. El Paso
Note: Sol Men are in 1st place in their league.


Arturo Benavides, Anderson Valley

Francoise Benz, Sonoma Valley

Eric Delgado, Roseland Prep

Davide Furtado, Petaluma

Ricky Garcia, Maria Carrillo

Dylan Garrison, Maria Carrillo

Andrew Giacomelli, Analy

Mario Gonzalez, Healdsburg

Pedro Guevara, Montgomery

Darius Hamilton-Smith, Cardinal Newman

John Harris, Maria Carrillo

Tim Hasler, Cardinal Newman

Josemar Hernandez, Fort Bragg

Angelo Huerta, Elsie Allen

Travis Ibarra, Windsor

Riley Kovatch, Maria Carrillo

Robby Lamar, Rincon Valley Christian

Mike Lamb, Analy

Will Leisek, Petaluma

Manuel Leon, Santa Rosa

Gonzalo Lua, Santa Rosa

Luke Manton, El Molino

Armando Martinez, Clear Lake

Julian Mcintosh, Sonoma Academy

Rory O’Day, Santa Rosa

Tim Pinella, Maria Carrillo

Victor Raya, St. Helena

Andrew Robello, Cardinal Newman

Gustavio Rubio, Piner

Tomas Salinas, Windsor

Michael Schmidt, Analy

Tommie Siragusa, St. Vincent

Kyle Torquemada, Windsor

Connor Ward, Mendocino


Capricia Alston – Montgomery, Sr., George Mason University

Sarah Ambrosini – Piner, Sr., Santa Rosa JC

Laura Bahno – Ursuline, Sr., San Diego State University

Alyssa Benjamin – Casa Grande, Jr.

Katie Benz – Sonoma, Jr.

Julianna Bratsberg – Maria Carillo, Jr.

Elise Britt – Montgomery, Sr., UCLA

Kimmy Carroll – Windsor, Sr., Humboldt State University

Addie Cartan – Ursuline, Sr., University of San Diego

Ashley Freyer, – Windsor, Jr.

Danielle Garcia – St. Vincent’s, So.

Taylor Gehring – Petaluma, Fr.

Adrienne Goguen – Casa Grande, Jr.

Fallon Hovland – Ukiah, So.

Molly Jeppeson – Rancho Cotate, Jr.

Shawna Kelley – Rancho Cotate, Sr., UC Davis

Megan Kendall – Casa Grande, Jr.

Cyrina King – Sonoma Academy, Jr.

Emily Kingsborough – Ursuline, Sr., Long Beach State University

Daniella Kozar – Casa Grande, Sr., San Diego State University

Karina Martinez – Clear Lake, Sr., Cascade College

Colleen McNamee – Petaluma, Jr.

Megan McQueeny – Ursuline, Jr.

Amanda Mendenhall – Rincon Valley Christian, Jr.

Vanessa Nieto – Maria Carillo, Sr., Santa Rosa JC

Chelsea Pederson – Rancho Cotate, Sr., University of Miami

Joan Piasta – Ursuline, Jr.

Darcie Plocher – Mendocino, Sr.

Niki Poole – Casa Grande, Sr., Santa Rosa JC

Carmel Segal – Willits, Sr., UC Berkeley

Sarah Semenero – Sonoma, Jr.

Lily Sorentino – Santa Rosa, Sr., Loyola Marymount University

Christina Tognetti – Ursuline, So.

Shevaun Weatherby – Santa Rosa, Jr.

Kayla Welton – Middletown, Jr.

Kelsey Welton – Middletown, So.

Hannah Wilks – Santa Rosa, Jr.