Top 10 Area soccer coaches

Since some readers seemed to enjoy, or otherwise take issue with, the selection here of Paul Dixon as the area’s primo youth soccer soccer, today we’ll expand it.
Following are the picks of the Top 10 active youth soccer coaches in these parts. For this exercise we’ll omit Marcus Ziemer (SSU men’s coach), Luke Oberkirch (SSU women’s coach) and Marty Kinahan (SRJC men’s coach). All three have records and accomplishments on many levels that put them on a different sort of pitch. And all three pass along their knowledge of the game in exemplary fashion.
We’ll also leave off coaching directors Steve Rammel (SRU) and Josh Sterling (SCA) because, although both know the game inside-out, their roles are more complex and multi-layered.
Certainly we haven’t seen every youth soccer coach around here, so apologies up front to some who are left off this list. Some of these coaches are a combination of high school and club, some are club only, some are high school only.
SoccerBlog’s Top 10 Coaches:

1. Paul Dixon
2. Ben Ziemer
3. Trisha Ziemer
4. Peter Meechan
5. Pat McDonald
6. John Gilson
7. Chris Ziemer
8. Vinnie Cortezzo
9. Emiria Salzmann
10. Dave Shaffer