Give it up for the SRU U-17 girls team … and Paul Dixon!

First of all, congratulations to the Santa Rosa United U-17 Gold (i.e. Freeze) girls team for winning the CYSA-North State Cup over the weekend in Livermore.
It’s difficult enough to win the tournament, but the Freeze did it without allowing a goal. That is basically crazy. It just doesn’t happen. Even the best of teams allow one to slip in somewhere along the way, but the Freeze went seven games and allowed zero, zippo, zilch.
The goalies – Emily Kingsborough and Courtney Parsons ” are to be lauded as is the entire Freeze defense.
Now they are on their way, or will be soon, to the USYSA Far West Regionals in late June in Las Vegas. We’ll chronicle that journey throughout June one way or another.
But first let’s mention the coaching of this team. Yes, we read all the comments left on this blog; and, yes, sometimes they get out of hand and much too personal. But anyone who has responded to the extraordinary effort of Paul Dixon and the success of this team is right on the money.
We’ll talk more about Dixon and his playing/coaching background in the future, too, but there just is no disputing it – hands down he is the best youth soccer coach in the Empire. From pure technical expertise, to game management, to player development to interpersonal relationships within the team dynamic (i.e. keeping everyone happy)… Dixon is the best.
And, for the sake of the kids, he is in the right position – on the field. He shouldn’t be the SRU coaching director, he shouldn’t be the technical director, he shouldn’t be on the Board of Directors … but all of them should be listening to him.
He cuts to the chase. He tells the truth. He doesn’t worry about being p.c. or on one side of the fence or the other. He is for the players and if the leadership of this club really wants to step into a new, energetic, forward-thinking phase they’ll listen to him.
Listen to him when it comes to coaching strategy, listen to him when it comes to the structural plan for implementing a cohesive heirarchy that dismisses personalities and agendas and focuses on player development, listen to him when it comes to hiring coaches based on what they will bring to the club and not what others think of them.
Dixon is on SRU’s center stage right now and that is right where he should be. If the club’s smart they’ll take advantage of a very, very unique opportunity and, as former SRJC women’s soccer coach Karen Stanley always said: “Carpe diem!” (Seize the day!)