From corner kicks to heads to …

Welcome to The Press Democrat’s soccer blog.

So, for starters, what is it?

Hopefully, it’ll be a spot you will stop by often to learn about the soccer community in which you live.

Items that have never found a place in the regular sports section because of space and manpower limitations. Everything from recreation soccer to the highest levels of club soccer to high schools to junior college to college to the Sonoma County Sol to the pros.

We’ll profile players and try to pinpoint matches you might want to attend. We’ll list significant tournament results and coaching changes. We’ll be informative and also have fun….

For instance:

– Why does Montgomery High’s girls coach Pat McDonald burn off so much energy on the sidelines during a match?

– What was Cardinal Newman’s coach Paul Dixon doing in Los Angeles this weekend?

– What is the oldest ongoing soccer tournament in Sonoma County and how has it lasted this long?

– What is college soccer like and did it live up to the expectations of former local players? We’ll ask them.

– What’s going on in SRYSL, Santa Rosa United, Sonoma County Alliance and every other area youth soccer group?

– What’s the situation with fields around the Empire?

” High school rankings? Where do they come from, who compiles them, with many schools not even playing this time of year what is their significance and what do coaches feel about them?

– Which team has the best looking uniforms?

– What club team has the best chance of winning the CYSA-North State Cup this year?

– Who are the high school players already committed to college where they will play next fall?

– Whatever happened to….? Surely there are former players you have wondered about? Give us their names and we’ll track them down if at all possible.

– OK, your child is 6 and wants to play, how much is it going to cost you in time, commitment and money? We’ll ask the experts.


That’s a start. The nice thing about a blog – space is no factor, there are no deadlines, photos can pop up at anytime and the stories can cover the gamut of soccer interest. Your feedback is always welcome.