Montgomery and Carrillo's "friendly" rivalry

Posted by Press Democrat correspondent Dewey Forget:
Montgomery and Maria Carrillo have faced each other on the soccer pitch 24 times in league during the tenure of Carrillo coach Debra LaPrath and the Vikings’ coach Pat McDonald. The two have had their share of success and failure in what has become a mostly friendly rivalry.
Mostly friendly, you say? Sure, the teams and the coaches are respectful and courteous, but underneath the civility lies a hard-core competitive bent that makes their matches entertaining for the coaches, players and fans.
“When I first met Pat, I didn’t like him very much,” LaPrath said. “Now, he is one of my favorite coaches. Not only have we met 24 times in league, but four or five times in the playoffs.”
On Wednesday, the Pumas defeated Montgomery 1-0 on a late goal by Courtney Minton. Earlier in the match, McDonald received some good-natured heckling from the partisan Carrillo crowd when he kicked an errant ball back onto the field. Fans screamed, “Bad sport.” Then, only moments later, a ball bounced into his hands and he gently handed it to the nearest Carrillo player. The fans responded with: “Now that’s more like it.”
Like I said, mostly friendly!