Landon has it right

Earlier this week the Galaxy’s Landon Donovan finally spoke out regarding teammate David Beckham. Or, should I say, parttime teammate David Beckham.

Bottom line was that Landon said Beckham wasn’t a good teammate seeing as how he (Beckham) played for the Galaxy when he wanted to, worked out when he felt like it and cashed the checks.

The whole Beckham Experiment in L.A. didn’t really work out the way the Galaxy envisioned it. Hardly. He draw fans, but some cash in the tiller but otherwise was a dismal failure.

Donovan probably feels like he is a big enough name on the team now that he can express his opinion without fear. But whatever it took, good for Landon. It’s about time someone said what everyone knew all along.

Donovan speaks out on Beckham on Youtube: