Mexican coach should have been fired

Just when you think you have seen it all….

Hopefully, you saw this on ESPN or some other media outlet.  The coach shouldn’t have been red-carded, he should have been fired.

It’s about time “the beautiful game” got its house in order. Enough already….

Mexico coach Aguirre apologizes for run-in
By The Associated Press
Mexico soccer coach Javier Aguirre has apologized for his confrontation with Panama’s Ricardo Phillips late in the teams’ Gold Cup match that triggered fights in the stands between rival fans.
With about 10 minutes to play in the 1-1 tie in Houston on Thursday night, Aguirre raised his leg and seemed to kick Phillips as he dribbled near the sideline. After a linesman stopped play, Phillips shoved Aguirre. Players converged in the area and several got into shoving matches.
Referee Joel Aguilar ejected Aguirre and gave a red card to Phillips as fans littered the field with cups of beer and other objects.
“I want to apologize in whatever order — to Mexican fans, the team, Mexican journalists and everyone involved with the Mexican team from team officials to workers, because my conduct was not good,” Aguirre said in comments posted on the Mexican
Football Federation’s Web site.
“Obviously, my apology extends to the player I clashed with and to the Panama coach.”
Panama announced Friday it is appealing the red card given to Phillips that would keep him out of Sunday’s Gold Cup match against Nicaragua.
“At the end of the day our player was expelled on a play that was over, and this is not correct,” Panama Football Federation president Ariel Alvarado said in a statement. “What Phillips did is almost a natural human reaction.”