Middletown: A Friday-night experience

Posted by Press Democrat correspondent Dewey Forget:
Football at Middletown is a town party. Forget about the block party, when the Mustangs play, the entire area comes alive. It truly is Friday Night Lights in this small community nestled in a valley some 45 minutes from Santa Rosa.
When I got there Friday night, almost two hours before kickoff, the parking lot was full, cars lined the streets, and the stands were stuffed. The JV game was underway. It’s nice to see the JV boys getting their recognition. Many times when I arrive at a game, the JV team is playing and the stands are nearly empty. Remember, the JV players put in as much time as the varsity. Thanks to the crew working the booth and to athletic director Geri Giovannnetti, who is always helpful.
Hey, this is the way it’s suppose to be; Friday night football and town involvement. It was like stepping back in time.
During the national anthem, a few young fans directly below the press box, were a little noisy — nothing really bad, I’ve seem much worse — so John Harmyk (the game announcer) quietly asked them to hush, and they did.
And that too is the way it should be. Thanks, Middletown.