Football rankings

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:

1. Casa Grande (3-0)
Looking to avenge last year’s 18-point loss to Napa this week.
2. Petaluma (4-0)
Beat Rancho Cotate for the first time since 2004.
3. Rancho Cotate (2-1)
Meeting at Montgomery on Friday has NBL title implications.
4. Montgomery (1-2)
Vikings are big and physical. The wins will come.
5. Analy (4-0)
Paper Tigers? Analy will get plenty of chances to prove they’re for real.

1. Fort Bragg (3-0)
Timberwolves are averaging 47 points. In the first half.
2. Middletown (2-1)
Mustangs made a statement with 56-23 rout of St. Vincent.
3. Cloverdale (3-0)
So far, so good. Next up: Middletown.
4. St. Vincent (2-1)
No relief in sight: At Middletown last week. At Fort Bragg this week.
5. St. Helena (3-0)
Saints have allowed 32 points.