Casa-Windsor soccer: A cold classic

Posted by Press Democrat correspondent Dewey Forget:
How’s this for your Northern California micro-climate? Two days after record heat, a few (maybe 150) hearty fans huddled together on the sidelines at Windsor Ranch Park to watch Windsor entertain Casa Grande on Tuesday night in a battle for first place in the Sonoma County League.
It looked more like a group gathered for an ice-fishing tournament. Full parkas, hooded sweatshirts and blankets were the fashion for this one.
The Windsor and Casa girls put on quite a show; solid soccer, tough but fair competition and several outstanding plays. Casa prevailed 2-1 with late goals by Margi Osmundson.
Since it was cold and windy and there aren’t any bleachers at the park, fans brought folding chairs and placed them right along the sideline. You have to be alert to sit that close to the action. Within minutes a rocket shot smacked off a lady’s legs. No one budged. No one moved back. No one even flinched — tough lot these moms and dads of the pitch.
The Jaguars could have won, maybe should have won. But soccer is fickle. Seventy-five minutes of good work by Windsor wasn’t enough. Give credit to Casa for staying the course and not panicking, but at the same time realize that Windsor is legitimate.
“They will be there all the way,” said Casa coach Vinnie Cortezzo.
The Jags have good defenders and strikers. First-year Windsor coach Junior Aranda could be heard from the sidelines as the girls trudged off after the tough loss, imploring them to keep their heads up.
“They can sleep well tonight,” he said, indicating they had played good enough to win and should be proud of their effort.
As I said, soccer is fickle.