A helping hand from Healdsburg crew

On Friday night at the Healdsburg-Analy football game at Recreation Park in Healdsburg, I found myself in a bit of trouble. My spanking new cell phone with all the features anyone would ever need, went dead. How’s that for technology at your finger tips? Meanwhile, back at the office, PD Assistant Sports Editor Jared Cowley – he’s the guy who keeps you informed with the blogs each week – was trying to get my scoring and quarter updates. What to do? Sitting next to me in the new – well sort of new – press box were Healdsburg scorekeepers Tom and Betty. Tom let me use his cell phone to call Jared. In fact, after the game he called Jared directly with the final score. Betty, who has been the Healdsburg statistician for, I think she said 35 years, was handing me stats every few minutes. Meanwhile Dick, as he was breaking down the sound equipment, made sure the lights didn’t get dimmed until I was finished writing. Now that’s cooperation. Oh yeah, Healdsburg defeated Analy, 21-7. And Jared, thanks to Tom, Betty and Dick, got the scores, game highlights and updates.