Girls' soccer: Is Ursuline's Gilson really done for season?

Posted by Press Democrat correspondent Dewey Forget:
When Ursuline took the pitch Wednesday night against Maria Carrillo, the Bears needed a win to keep their North Bay League championship hopes alive. They didn’t get it, losing 3-0.
Really, the importance of the confrontation almost took a back seat to the upcoming Carrillo-Montgomery game on Friday. However, with a win the Bears would have been 6-2 and only one game back of Carrillo.
It was a hard loss to swallow for Ursuline. Coach John Gilson knew what was at stake. The Bears knew what was at stake. And, certainly Carrillo knew what was at stake. The match was played cleanly and without incident – only one yellow on Carrillo in the second half. Unfortunately, for Gilson and the Bears, the affable coach may be lost for the season.
Gilson drew a red flag late in the second half for arguing a non-call on what he clearly thought was a handball. His enthusiasm got him a yellow and then the red. According to Gilson and Carrillo coach Debra LaPrath, league rules state that two reds gets you kicked out for the season. So, it’s may be that Gilson will be doing his coaching from long distance, if at all.
Here are my questions. Do two red flags in one year really deserve such punitive measures? Can Gilson continue to coach, or does he also have to stay away from practices, as well? Finally, are soccer officials sometimes quick on the draw when it comes to yellow or red flags? After all, dismissal for an entire season is tough to endure when you are either a player or coach on a playoff-bound team.