Middletown coaching staff lends a hand

Posted by Press Democrat Correspondent Dewey Forget: I know I’ve mentioned before how accommodating Middletown is to the press. Middletown’s 49-41 win Friday night against previously unbeaten Fort Bragg, the game that went longer than most, creating a time crunch to meet deadline. There were precious few minutes to interview the coaches or players, who leave the field almost immediately and head back to their respective locker rooms, which are a considerable distance from the field. Interviews are hard to come by.
Middletown coach Bill Foltmer, though, has a perfect solution. He owns a restaurant in town. So, right after the game he and his staff, along with other well-wishers, gather at his brew-pub for a great time of reliving the game. By the way they make great pizza. It’s closed to the public at that time, so mostly the place is empty, except for the Middletown gang and the restaurant manager. Foltmer graciously allowed me to drop by and file my story from there. Nice way to work. All the coaches were there and available to discuss the game. Now that’s what I call living large in high school football reporting.