Will Cardinal Newman mirror Montgomery?

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
Cardinal Newman probably won’t win the North Bay League title after its 9-0 loss to Montgomery on Friday night.
The next goal might be making the North Coast Section playoffs, which isn’t guaranteed with games left against Rancho Cotate, Ukiah and Maria Carrillo.
The thought of the Cardinals not making the playoffs seems absurd — they were in the Division III state-title game 10 months ago — but their offensive shortcomings were exposed by Montgomery.
You probably know the numbers, but here’s a refresher: Zero points, three first downs, 23 yards. Newman’s drives ended as follows: Punt, fumble, punt, punt, end of first half, punt, interception, punt, interception, interception, downs.
Cardinals coach Paul Cronin acknowledged that he’ll have to tweak his spread offense for the rest of the season.
More conservative play-calling. Try to win the field-position battle. And rely on a defense that played brilliantly on Friday.
Funny, it sounds a lot like Montgomery’s blueprint for success.
“We need to be more consistent,” Cronin said. “We need to start by making a first down. Once we do that, we can work on getting a second first down.”