Windsor soccer has the look of a champion

Posted by Press Democrat correspondent Dewey Forget:
For those in attendance Monday night at the Windsor-Sonoma Valley soccer match, you were treated to high school soccer at its finest.
The match was played at a very high level. Windsor is arguably the most talented team in the county, perhaps the top team in the North Coast Section.
The Jaguars will most likely clinch their second consecutive Sonoma County League title Wednesday against Petaluma. That Sonoma stayed with the Jags was a testament to how far desire, and the intensity it creates, can carry a team.
Sonoma, and let’s be clear about this, is also a talented group, but when Windsor finally turned up the heat in the waning minutes of the match, the Jags talent was apparent.
I wouldn’t be surprised to see these two meet for a third time in the NCS finals, depending on the draw. And, yes Santa Rosa and Analy are right there. And, certainly anything can happen between now and the section playoffs, but as I evaluate the teams I’ve seen, Windsor is the team to beat.
As Jaguars coach Doug Hastings said: “We want the NCS tournament played right here on our pitch.”
I wouldn’t bet against it.