Piner football and excessive celebration

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
Some readers have taken issue with Piner coach Matt Tomlin. They feel he encouraged his players to display poor sportsmanship in their 17-11 win against Santa Rosa last week.
I disagree. But first, let’s review: Before the game, Tomlin told his players to celebrate their first touchdown with enough gusto to earn a 15-yard penalty for excessive celebration. And after wide receiver Kameron Rose caught a touchdown pass from Logan Stiles the Prospectors did as they were told.
Celebrate. Flag. Mission accomplished.
A few readers have commented that this was classless and disrespectful to Santa Rosa.
Now, generally speaking, there is something to that anti-celebration view. Coaches often tell players to act like they’ve been in the end zone before after they score. You know, hand the ball to a referee and run off the field. Don’t dance, spike the ball, do a handstand or generally act like a jerk.
So why is the situation with Piner any different? Well, Tomlin’s motive was pure. His team was 0-6 and he wanted to lighten the mood a little. Remind them that football should be fun — a point that can get lost when you’re losing by five touchdowns every week.
It was a one-time thing. The Prospectors didn’t celebrate their second touchdown like they’d just won a section title.
Anyway, I thought it was a insightful move. Believe me, I’ve played on some bad teams in my life. And I wish my former coaches would have had a little bit Tomlin’s perspective.