Week 9 football predictions

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
Last week: 6-2. Season record: 44-15.
Best pick of last week: Nothing to really brag about. I picked Maria Carrillo to beat Ukiah by 10 and the Pumas won by 13. I know, big deal.
Worst pick of last week: Tough call. Was it picking Rancho Cotate to win a close, low-scoring contest? (The Cougars were blown out in a high-scoring game). Or was it picking Cloverdale to lose to Fort Bragg by 12? (The Eagles won by 17). Both fairly wretched, but I think the Rancho pick is the winner (loser?).

This week’s picks:
The pick: Maria Carrillo 17, Montgomery 14
Comment: Gut feeling. Or too much of my kids’ Halloween candy?

The pick: Petaluma 31, Windsor 20
Comment: Trojans clinch at least a share of SCL title.

The pick: Casa Grande 27, Healdsburg 16
Comment: Banged-up Gauchos grind one out.

The pick: Cardinal Newman 34, Ukiah 12
Comment: Look, Mom, no passes!

The pick: Santa Rosa 36, Elsie Allen 7
Comment: A happy homecoming for Panthers.

The pick: Rancho Cotate 33, Piner 13
Comment: Cougars aiming for postseason berth.

The pick: Analy 28, Sonoma 13
Comment: Tigers snap two-game skid.

Last week’s picks:
The pick: Casa Grande 27, Windsor 19
The score: Casa Grande 31, Windsor 14

The pick: Healdsburg 32, El Molino 13
The score: Healdsburg 41, El Molino 27

The pick: Petaluma 37, Sonoma 9
The score: Petaluma 34, Sonoma 0

The pick: Rancho Cotate 14, Cardinal Newman 12
The score: Cardinal Newman 40, Rancho Cotate 21

The pick: Maria Carrillo 30, Ukiah 20
The score: Maria Carrillo 20, Ukiah 7

The pick: Montgomery 27, Santa Rosa 0
The score: Montgomery 18, Santa Rosa 7

The pick: Piner 35, Elsie Allen 16
The score: Piner 51, Elsie Allen 16

The pick: Fort Bragg 35, Cloverdale 23
The score: Cloverdale 31, Fort Bragg 14