Thursday's (Oct. 1st) predictions

OK, we shall start off October with a full slate and at least – on paper – two incredible matchups: Girls: Windsor at Petaluma; Boys – Elsie Allen at Santa Rosa.


PREDICTION: (at) El Molino 3, Analy 1
Granted, I don’t know much about either one of these teams. But every season, every team plays at least one game that they remember for the rest of the year. I’m saying today is that game for the Lions.

PREDICTION: (at) Sonoma Valley 4, Healdsburg 1
Come on, the Dragons have got to start  putting it together sometime … don’t they?
FINAL: Sonoma Valley 3, Healdsburg 1

PREDICTION: Windsor 2, (at) Petaluma 1
Slight upset only because the Trojans are home are they the favorites. It is awfully nice to see the SCL so competitive and so talented. Actually both of these teams could be darkhorses come NCS time.
Final: Windsor 0, Petaluma 0 (2 OTS)


PREDICTION: Piner 3, (at) Rancho Cotate 0
It might not be this easy for the Prospectors. We’ll see if Mr. Matt can keep his team out of the midseason doldrums or not.
Final: Piner 6, Rancho Cotate 2

PREDICTION: (at) Maria Carrillo 2, Montgomery 0
Pumas started the season just OK and it has gone downhill since then. Vikes improving. But just on a hunch I’ll go with MC.
Final: Maria Carrillo 3, Montgomery 0

PREDICTION: Elsie Allen 2, (at) Santa Rosa 1
This is the main attraction of the night. Only a thought, but are the Panthers as good as they think they are? Probably still too early to tell but this game will prove a lot. Or are the Lobos better than anyone is giving them credit for being? We are going to have a lot of questions answered tonight.
Final: Santa Rosa 2, Elsie Allen 0