Tuesday's (Oct. 6th) predictions

Could this actually be “upset Tuesday”?

Doubtful, but why not have a little fun and go for the underdogs today? OK, here goes…


PREDICTION: Montgomery 3, (at) Piner 2
Piner’s run this year has been just short of remarkable. The Prospectors have to stumble somewhere along the line, don’t they?

PREDICTION: (at) Maria Carrillo 2, Cardinal Newman 1
Don’t know whether this is really an upset either way. But with the Pumas not-so-stellar record any win might be considered an upset.
Final: MC 1, CN 1

PREDICTION: (at) Ukiah 1, Elsie Allen 0
The Lobos are due to have one of those games where they take 5 million shots and miss every way possible.

PREDICTION: (at) Rancho Cotate 4, Santa Rosa 1
Again, every team has one stellar outing, this is the one for The Ranch.
Final: SR 7, RC 3



PREDICTION:  Sonoma Valley 4, (at) El Molino 1
The upsets end here.
Final: SV 3, EM 0

PREDICTION: Casa Grande 3 (at) Healdsburg 0
…  and here
Final: CG 7, Healdsburg 0

PREDICTION: Petaluma 2, Analy 0
….and finally here.
Final: Petaluma 3, Analy 1