The best and worst of last week's predictions

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
OK, I should have made this a weekly feature this season. But why not debut it in Week 10? A look at my weekly incompetence and brilliance:

Worst pick of the week:
The pick: Analy 28, Sonoma 13
The score: Sonoma 33, Analy 25
The analysis: Hmmm. The Dragons didn’t look like this on the game film I broke down.

Best pick of the week:
The pick: Casa Grande 27, Healdsburg 16
The score: Casa Grande 25, Healdsburg 14
The analysis: Thank you. Neat thrill. Very humbling. Would have been impossible without my colleagues. The first 25 readers to call me at 1-800-PD-PREPS will receive my Week 10 Lock of the Week, sponsored by Cialis, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Best pick of the week (honorable mention):
The pick: Maria Carrillo 17, Montgomery 14
The score: Montgomery 15, Maria Carrillo 14
The analysis: Wait, how can a prediction in which I picked the LOSING team be placed here. Hey, I’m not above accepting moral victories.