Wednesday's (Oct. 7th) predictions

Well, my call for “upset Tuesday” almost came to fruition with big wins from the Ukiah and Montgomery boys. Today … well I don’t expect that many upsets. In fact, I don’t look for any.

Of the seven large-school games on tap, there are a couple that are primo. Here we go…


PREDICTION: (at) Sonoma Valley 4, El Molino 1
Dragons won’t continue to revel in that recent win over Analy, in fact they are going to build on it.

PREDICTION: Analy 3, (at) Petaluma 1
Every team now will feel it has a shot at the Tigers and will play them tough. That should make Analy better come postseason.

PREDICTION: (at) Casa Grande 2, Healdsburg 1
If there is going to be a boys upset tonight, this is it. Gauchos need something to shout about; Hounds can afford a loss here and there, just not too many of them.


PREDICTION: Montgomery 8, (at) Elsie Allen 0
Of course the Vikings could call the score; Lobos should take notes and look ahead to next year. This program has to turn-around sometime, why not now?

PREDICTION: Santa Rosa 6, (at) Piner 0
The Panthers need to get on track again in a big way and what better time to start than today.

PREDICTION: (at) Rancho Cotate 4, Ukiah 0
Cougars are young and methodically gettting better with each game. They’ll be good next year, this is a long-range plan but a win is a win.

PREDICTION: (at) Maria Carrillo 2, Ursuline 1
This is the best girls game of the evening. Can the Bears catch the Pumas looking ahead to Friday and Monty? Well, maybe. Could happen, but doubtful Debra will let that occur. But will Gilson simply give MC a pass and a win? Hardly.