Methodical Montgomery soccer marches on

Posted by Press Democrat correspondent Dewey Forget:
Watching the Montgomery girls’ soccer team defeat Santa Rosa on Wednesday night in the North Coast Section Division I semifinals, it occurred to me that the notion that teams take on the personality of their coach isn’t always accurate.
In fact, the Vikings are in many ways the antithesis of coach Pat McDonald. They play with a certain style that is far from flashy, with very little wasted movement. They do what is necessary to win, but in an almost methodical manner.
McDonald is anything but methodical. He is passionate, fiery and vocal. All good attributes — maybe even requirements — for a successful coach. This year’s group of Vikings never seem to be overachieving, instead they go about their business in a — and please pardon the word choice — professional manner. After their win against Santa Rosa, a match that could have been very emotional since it put the Vikings in the NCS finals for the ninth consecutive year, the girls were calm, very little celebration.
Just enough to say “we care,” but not an exuberance that would suggest the journey was over. No, for these girls, the win was just another step toward the ultimate goal. Don’t bet against them. And don’t bet against McDonald showing plenty of passion on Saturday against Casa Grande, the defending section champs.