Friday's (Oct. 16th) predictions

OK, OK, now that I have seen Santa Rosa’s boys team play three times this season I am finally convinced. They are well-coached, talented, unselfish and know how to win.

So, you know that as soon as I have said that they’ll falter … LOL.

Nope, they’ll definitely go deep into the playoffs if not the finals.

On to today’s predictions…

PREDICTION: (at) Analy 3, Healdsburg 0
Tigers will rebound from Wednesday’s loss.

PREDICTION: (at) Sonoma Valley 2, Casa Grande 1
These two teams are a lot more equal than you might think.
Final: Sonoma Valley 3, Casa Grande 2

PREDICTION: Windsor 4, (at) El Molino 1
Is this game really on today? Seems odd considering the Jags play on Saturday. But if it is, Windsor simply has too much talent to lose this one or to look ahead 24 hours to Marin Catholic.
Final: Windsor 4, El Molino 0


PREDICTION: Santa Rosa 4, (at) Ukiah 0
The Panthers are way too good.

PREDICTION: Montgomery 3, (at) Ursuline 1
This one might be closer, but I doubt it.
Final: Montgomery 3, Ursuline 0

PREDICTION: (at) Piner 3, Elsie Allen 1
Assuming the Lobos can field a team.

PREDICTION: Maria Carrillo 3, (at) Rancho Cotate 0
Cougars not that bad, but the Pumas love that fast, level, no bumps surface.
Final: Maria Carrillo 2, Rancho Cotate 0