A little stoppage time for Salazar

I’ve been involved in this little game of sports journalism since 1970. That’s close to four decades if you are counting. And of all the sports I have covered in one way or another, none compare in passion to soccer. No other sport is even close.

This is a moment when I hope that passion translates itself throughout the soccer community to not only on-the-field but off-the-field events.

One of, if not the best 20-year-old players in the Empire, Arnaldo Salazar, was seriously injured in an automobile crash early Saturday morning. The wreck took the life of an SSU student and injured Salazar and two others in the car. Salazar has a broken neck and two broken arms.

I never saw Arnaldo play. Never met him. But I have heard through club soccer contacts how good he was on the field. And more importantly, how good a person he is.

My wish now is that that same passionate soccer community that visits this soccer blog will in its own way think of, pray for Arnaldo, the two others injured in the accident and the SSU student who lost her life.

I’m quite certain that is a beautiful game and that the passion extends far beyond a result on the field. Arnaldo, our thoughts and prayers are with you.