Wednesday's (Oct. 21st) predictions

First half action from Wednesday's Santa Rosa at Maria Carrillo game

First half action from Wednesday's Santa Rosa at Maria Carrillo game

After watching a thoroughly enjoyable Casa Grande-Petaluma girls 2-2 OT tie (more on that later), here are today’s predictions.

By the way, did you know that the NCS postseason selection process has been altered this year? In the past, all coaches who thought they had a chance at the playoffs were invited to a central location and given time to state their case. Not this year.

They have been told to submit, in a limited number of words, their case via e mail it to the NCS office  and then the pairings will be announced on Nov. 1. Cuts down on travel time, gas, verbiage, etc. Also kinda eliminates the human factor from all of it and the interaction between coaches.

Score one for the internet and zero for interaction. Remember when folks used to sit on their front porch and actually talk to each other? Now they do what we are doing right now – using the internet. Oh, well…


PREDICTION: Casa Grande 3, (at) Petaluma 2
After walking on that field last night I’m amazed anyone can actually play soccer on it. It’s kinda chewed up.

PREDICTION: (at) Healdsburg 4, El Molino 2
‘Hounds just have to win another one sometime, don’t they?

PREDICTION: (at) Windsor 2, Sonoma Valley 2
Game of the Night. Jags still haven’t put together 80 minutes of solid soccer. They are capable and they better do it tonight.


PREDICTION: Ursuline 5, (at) Elsie Allen 0
Lobos keep trying, but Bears have some young talent.

PREDICTION: (at) Montgomery 8, Ukiah 0
I just think the Vikings, as expected, will coast home with a win.

PREDICTION: (at) Rancho Cotate 6, Piner 1
Cougars are better than their record may indicate.

PREDICTION: (at) Maria Carrillo 4, Santa Rosa 2
Usually these teams don’t score much. I sense a switch in that trend tonight. This one just might be a shootout.