Cloverdale vs. Valley Christian and public schools vs. private schools

Posted by Press Democrat correspondent Dewey Forget:
Cloverdale was beaten Friday by a new entry into the North Coast Section Division IV football playoffs — Valley Christian from Dublin.
The Vikings play in the Bay Football League. It was their first section game, and this is their first season of varsity football. Yet, they looked as if they had been around a long time – the best equipment and some high-profile coaches, including ex-NFL players John Parrella (head coach) and Hall-of-Fame cornerback Rod Woodson.
Valley Christian had state-of-the-art communication equipment, headphones the NFL would be proud to use. While waiting for coaches and players to become available for interviews, I heard several fans grumbling and it was the same story I’ve heard many times before: The advantages private schools have versus public schools.
Another private school with plenty of moola was the theme, and really the complaint. I have to admit that watching the game Friday night, I had one thought regarding the attitude of the coaching staff and the instant success Valley Christian has attained.
Oaks Christian came to mind. It would seem Valley Christian is using that powerhouse Southern California school as its model.