Monday's (Oct. 26th) prediction

Game action from Monday night's Sonoma Valley 2-1 win over Windsor

Game action from Monday night's Sonoma Valley 2-1 win over Windsor

Six days until Selection Sunday and then the real fun begins. But, in the meantime, at 7 tonight we get a preview of boys playoff soccer when the Sonoma Valley Dragons invade the new home of the Windsor Jaguars.

Actually, went up to Windsor to inspect their new artificial surface field this morning. As Fanatico might say: Magnifico! Even down to the Jaguars name on the recycle receptacles.

No more bumpy field at Wilson Ranch Park and no game on Sonoma’s less-than-stellar natural grass field tonight. No excuses for the playing surface. This is a first for the Sonoma County League and hopefully it won’t be the last new field.

I am not a huge fan of artificial surfaces, but I can see the advantages and there are more of them than there are negatives.

But let’s talk about the game. The Dragons are getting better and better. Peaking at the right time. The Jags have been good all year and don’t appear to be slowing down.

If you enjoy high school soccer at a high level you are encouraged to see this one. All set up just for you. Weather is perfect, the field is perfect, the price is right, the talent is there and it’s the only Large School game in town. Just navigate 101 carefully and enjoy yourself.

Oh, you want a prediction, right?

PREDICTION: (at) Windsor 2, Sonoma Valley 1 (possibly OT)
Final: Sonoma Valley 2, Windsor 1