This Division IV game gets a 10

Posted by Press Democrat correspondent Dewey Forget:
Sitting in a traffic jam some 12 miles from Middletown – there had been a nasty head-on collision that stopped traffic for over an hour in both directions – I grew more and more anxious Friday night.
I felt the Middletown-Valley Christian NCS quarterfinal football game was going to be a doozy. I was right. I missed most of the first quarter, and a Valley Christian TD, nothing real special.
But the remainder of the game was a classic. VC scored in overtime and then converted a two-point conversion to win, 30-29.
John Parrella, a 11-year NFL veteran, no doubt played in some exciting games in his career. But I’ve never seen a coach more animated or excited after a game, and remember this is Division IV high school football.
Anyone who thinks football at that level isn’t meaningful, hasn’t been to a game like the Friday night affair, played in front of a capacity crowd. No disgrace for losing. Middletown did everything right. VC just had the ball last.
On the Mustangs’ last drive, QB Kyle Harmyk, a lanky 6-foot-4 kid with a strong arm, was courageous. Twice on the Mustangs’ previous possession, he had been sacked hard by two 300-pounders –- Andrew Aqua and Matt Brown — and he was hit hard several other times by Paul Williams, another large lineman.
On the 24-yard TD to John Wesley Davis, he moved in the pocket just enough to find a throwing lane.
Great high school football game — one Middletown and Valley Christian will be talking about for a long time.