Thursday's (Oct. 29th) predictions

Final day of the regular season.

First, before the predictions, let’s all say thanks to all the players who aren’t going on to postseason play, especially the seniors. For a majority of you this will be your final game. Hopefully, you will find some way to pass along your passion for the sport called the “beautiful game.”

I’m sure that everyone out there who ever reads Corner Kicks will join me and simply say: “Well done!”


PREDICTION: Petaluma 2, (at) Sonoma Valley 1
One game and it needs to be a springboard into the postseason for whichever team wins. A win on the road would be huge for the Trojans.


PREDICTION: Maria Carrillo 2, (at) Cardinal Newman 1
Pumas need to bounce back after Tuesday’s OT loss at Montgomery.

PREDICTION: (at) Elsie Allen 3, Ukiah 1
Lobos had a huge effort in beating Santa Rosa this week. Now they can’t afford to let this one get away.

PREDICTION: (at) Montgomery 3, Piner 0
Vikings end the season on a high note.

PREDICTION: (at) Santa Rosa 5, Rancho Cotate 1
Panthers not about to let this one get away from them.