Going for two and the win: Ho-hum

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
It used to be that coaches who went for a two-point conversion when trailing by one point late in a game were gutty and brash and daring and riverboat gamblers and on and on.
Now? In the past few weeks, it seems like everyone is doing it. Here’s a look:

* On Nov. 6, Montgomery was trailing Maria Carrillo, 14-13, with 2:11 left and went for two. Max Heller completed a pas to Brandon Blank and the Vikings won, 15-14, and clinched at least a share of the North Bay League title.
* On Nov. 20, Maria Carrillo trailed Casa Grande, 18-17, with 43 seconds left in the first round of the North Coast Section Division II playoffs. The Pumas, who had rallied from an 18-0 deficit, went for two, but a pass fell incomplete and Carrillo lost.
* On Saturday, Fort Bragg trailed Ferndale, 13-12, in overtime in the NCS Division IV quarterfinals. The Timberwolves went for two and quarterback Brent Moyer completed a pass to Cody Lowe for the conversion and the win.

Maybe this is just coincidence, and maybe this happens more than I think and I just haven’t noticed.
The common theme in each instance is that the team that went for two points and the win was on the road, supporting the widely circulated belief that you play for the win away from home.
Anyway, I like the move. It’s exciting and, selfishly, I’m in favor of ending games as soon as possible when faced with a crazy Friday night deadline.
Maybe it will happen again this season with a section title hanging in the balance.