Petaluma's Baddeley no longer a novelty

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
For most of the regular season, Petaluma placekicker Jordy Baddeley was something of a novelty.
She was the backup, the girl, the one who drew big cheers when she was called on to kick extra points in the fourth quarter of blowout wins.
But in the Trojans’ 28-14 win over Cardinal Newman in the NCS Division II quarterfinals Friday, things were dramatically different. Baddeley was the starter. This wasn’t a blowout. And she was dealing with the kind of pressure that makes your mouth dry and your palms wet.
With the Trojans trailing 14-13 in the third quarter after a touchdown run by quarterback Mike Russell, Baddeley, who had never kicked a football until this summer, jogged on the field and tried to push away I-could-be-the-goat-if-I-miss-this-kick distractions.
“I was definitely feeling some pressure,” Baddeley said. “As we were driving down the field (before the touchdown), I started preparing myself. I told myself to stay focused and relaxed and just think about the very basics. I had to get any other thoughts out of my mind.”
Baddeley, an all-league standout in basketball and softball, handled the pressure yet again. In fact, she made each of her four extra-point attempts against Newman and is 10 for 10 since becoming the starter midway through Petaluma’s regular-season finale.
Baddeley joined the team a week before the Trojans’ first game and has dealt with a quadriceps injury for much of the season.
“I worked through the injury and I worked really hard in practice,” Baddeley said. “I’ve stuck with it and to end up with the ultimate prize – to be the starter on a great team like this — it’s really cool.”