Random playoff thoughts

So the brackets are set  at long last. No coach made an on-site pitch for his or her team. They simply fought it out via e mails. Certainly made it a lot easier on the selection committee cause they didn’t even have to look anyone in the eye.

So, here are some random thoughts:

Underdogs in the first-round I would not want to play:

Div. I Boys: Casa Grande

Div. I Girls: Eureka

Div. III Boys: Sonoma Academy

Div. III Girls: Cloverdale

Team that was “dissed” the most on Selection Sunday:

Maria Carrillo girls – Tuff one, but can’t really bump a team with 19 wins (Montgomery) off the top, or the SCL champion – Casa – out of No. 2. So now the Pumas will probably have to go through Petaluma and Casa to reach the finals. Good luck with that.

Div. I Girls team to keep your eye on:

– Windsor

Div. I Boys team to watch:

– Montgomery

Biggest mismatch:

Always gonna be Nos. 1 & 16 seeds and no difference here:

– Class III Boys: Marin Catholic vs. Redwood

Or, in the case of the girls it’s a No. 6 vs. a No. 11

– Class I Girls: Petaluma vs. Fortuna

Can they defend their crowns?

Class I Boys: Maria Carrillo will have to play their best game of the year against Analy just to get out of the first round. And if they do it’ll be the end of the road against Marin Catholic.

Class I Girls: Casa Grande some how just finds a way to come up big at playoff time. If they face Maria Carrillo in the semis what a game that will be.

Class III Girls: Sonoma Academy I hope you have a spot to hang another banner.

Class III Boys: There is just too wide of a chasm between Marin Academy and everyone else.