Rainy day movie option

Corner Kicks can critique a soccer game a little better than he can a movie, so take this for what it’s worth…

“The Damned United” is now playing at the Rialto. It’s about the making of Leeds United into one of the best teams in England in 1974. As woeful as Corner Kicks is at interpreting the nuances of any movie, at least in this one anyone can tell that Michael Sheen puts one in the back of the net portraying Leeds manager Brian Clough.

The rest of the movie…well, go and see for yourself. Corner Kicks wouldn’t exactly call it a classic. In fact, after dragging the wife to the movie, I now owe her one and sooner than later I’ll no doubt be muching on some popcorn and trying to decipher the plot of some “chick flick.” Oh, well.

For a soccer fan, the vintage footage of futbol back then, the uniforms especially, just might be worthy of the price of admission.

It’s playing now at the Rialto in Santa Rosa, it’s raining and what better way to get you fired up for Saturday’s quarterfinals.