Saturday's (Nov. 7) playoff predictions

OK, 16 quarterfinal games in one day. Corner Kicks told you this was soccer’s version of “November Nirvana.”

So, here we go with the predictions.



Calistoga at Sonoma Academy, 2:30 p.m.
Confession time: I know nothing about the Calistoga 11; but I do know that the Coyotes are playing at home, they have a great coach and an enjoyable goalie: Sonoma Academy 4, Calistoga 0.
Final: Sonoma Academy 8, Calistoga 0

Clear Lake vs. Ferndale at Fortuna, 7 p.m.
Clear Lake is the Rodney Dangerfield of the small-school girls teams – it gets no respect. So, let’s give them some: Clear Lake 2, Ferndale 1.
Final: Clear Lake 2, Ferndale 1 (OT)

Roseland Prep vs. St. Vincent at Rancho Cotate, 7 p.m.
It’s always been the Roseland Prep boys getting the headlines. Now the girls get a chance. They’ll come close, but: St. Vincent 2, Roseland Prep 1.
Final: St. Vincent 2, Roseland Prep 0

St. Helena at Middletown, 7 p.m.
At home, under the lights, in the playoffs, what more could Middletown ask for: Middletown 3, St. Helena 1.
Final: Middletown 3, St. Helena 1


International at Marin Academy, 2:30 p.m.
As usual on one side of the bracket it’s MA and then everyone else: Marin Academy 3, International 0.
Final: Marin Academy 4, International 1

Fort Bragg at Calistoga, 1:30 p.m.
Ah, the Wildcats. You just don’t want to play them at home: Calistoga 2, Fort Bragg 1.
Final: Calistoga 3, Fort Bragg 0

Roseland Prep vs. Branson at College of Marin, 2 p.m.
And the other team no one wants to face, Branson. But today it will face a Roseland squad that won’t be a pushover and it just might go to PKs: Branson 2, Roseland Prep 1.
Final: Branson 2, Roseland Prep 1 (OT)

 SF Uni. vs. Anderson Valley at Mendo. County Fairgrounds, 7 p.m.
This one might be the best small-school game of the evening because Anderson Valley is real talented: Anderson Valley 4, SF University 3.
Final: Anderson Valley 3, SF University 2



Sonoma Valley at Montgomery, 7 p.m.
The Dragons have been up and down all season. The Vikings are a playoff savvy team. Guess who will win this one: Montgomery 3, Sonoma Valley 1.
Final: Montgomery 2, Sonoma Valley 0

Windsor at Santa Rosa, 5 p.m.
The Panthers are home, they have had a great season, a season to build on into the future. The Jags have a first-year coach also who has worked wonders with a team that has had to play second-fiddle all season long in the SCL. But not today: Windsor 3, Santa Rosa 2.
Final: Santa Rosa 1, Windsor 0

Arcata at Casa Grande, 7 p.m.
Yes, there tend to be mismatches even at the quarterfinal level. If the Gauchos don’t act like they’ve already won the game in pregame warmups (and Vinnie won’t let that happen), it should not be close: Casa Grande 4, Arcata 0.
Final: Casa Grande 5, Arcata 1

Petaluma at Maria Carrillo, 7 p.m.
Well, now, the girls match of the night. If you only have time to see one match this playoff season then go and watch this one. If the Trojans can some how push it into PKs, they will win because they have the better goalie. If they can’t then the Pumas advance. It’s a horrible cliche, but you could flip a coin on this one: Maria Carrillo 2, Petaluma 1.
Final: Maria Carrillo 1, Petaluma 0


Analy at Marin Catholic, 2 p.m.
OK, the question is this: The Analy Tigers ousted one MC team now can they get past another MC squad? Watching Marin Catholic way back in the early part of the season they weren’t real impressive in a win at Cardinal Newman. The real concern for Analy is the artificial surface at MC. Can the Tigers adjust? Do they have enough left in the emotional tank after that win at Maria Carrillo? Guess is that they don’t: Marin Catholic 4, Analy 2.
Final: Marin Catholic 2, Analy 1 (OT)

Elsie Allen at Terra Linda, 2 p.m.
Ah, the Lobos. Those guys from the west side of SR who always seem to be an OK squad, but never great. Are they great this year? I don’t think so, but I think they are good enough to be the surprise team of the day: Elsie Allen 2, Terra Linda 1 (maybe PKs).
Final: Elsie Allen 1, Terra Linda 0

Tamalpais at Santa Rosa, 7 p.m.
Most soccer geeks, like myself, are convinced that the Panthers can go the distance this year. Maybe, maybe not. If they do, they are going to have to earn it starting tonight. Tam isn’t going to come into town and hand SR a win. This will be close, real close until the end: Santa Rosa 3, Tamalpais 1.
Final: Santa Rosa 3, Tamalpais 1

Casa Grande at Windsor, 7 p.m. 
Like the Windsor girls team, the Gaucho boys have been moving along under the radar all season. An up-and-down season has a chance to be real “up” tonight. Windsor on the other hand has been stellar in the SCL. They are the league champs, their goalie is headed to SSU next fall and the goal all season has been to get back to the NCS finals and win it this time. If the Jags are serious about that then they need to make a statement tonight. It won’t be easy: Windsor 3, Casa Grande 2.
Final: Casa Grande 1, Windsor 0